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Your start up dream is not over just because it's under cooked and under funded!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Raise your hands start up gurus - which of you have had a brilliant idea - only to fall victim to a classic case of lack of funding which in itself has often been the very reason behind your inability to access skill sets needed to advance your venture and de-risk your investment proposition.

Your business idea being peeled away layer by layer by professional early stage investors as if it were an onion leaving you with nothing more than a severe lack of pennies in the company money jar and no credible strategic partners to get you to the next stage.

It becomes a daunting task to say the least when you try to push forward only to hit 'investor' brick walls as you bootstrap without the right team behind you, whilst trying to achieve notable enough milestones in your business in a plight to stand out, look credible - appear worthy of investment.

Well, there's good news; putting the right team together in order to achieve significant milestones and in turn strengthen your pitch for funding can happen today! It's a simple business decision away!

In fact it's right in front of you - yet so many folks dismiss it thinking they can get around the issues facing them. The frivolous let's raise capital and spend investor’s money hiring a guru to buy credibility with no targets for them to hit can be expensive.

Through Thundering Herd your business is able to access experienced professional services providers and strategic partners all of whom are willing to exchange their services in return for performance payments in a form other than cash (e.g. equity). To get a pay day they need and want your venture to succeed. Your interests are aligned from the get go!

The Thundering Herd Investment Platform boasts hundreds of members, many of whom are interested in contributing to both local and offshore early stage ventures, putting to work their vast collective experience in areas such as commercial law, patent law, R&D grants, accounting and financial services, marketing and web development.

Thundering Herd has facilitated a number of introductions reducing the need for investor funded professional services expenditure - making for reduced funding needs in the short term along with much more attractive short term and long term financial projections. Equally positive, it also enables investors to fund growth rather than establishment costs which may result in greater investor interest due to the opportunity being de-risked as a result of such introductions.

Some things to take away with you:

1. Don't make the process of progressing your idea harder by not wanting to share - DON'T BE GREEDY.

2. You don't know everything - you can't do everything - SHARE THE WORK.

3. Share a piece of your pie with folks that can assist in advancing your idea - 100% of nothing is NOTHING.

4. By accessing professionals such as these - you also access their networks - BONUS!

5. If your pitches for funding are not resulting in $$ - INVESTORS ARE SAYING YOUR UNDER-COOKED!


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Joe Galvez is the Founder of Thundering Herd