Join Thundering Herd
All investors are welcome to join, members can access investment opportunities in a wide range of different industries and at varying stages of development but most importantly Thundering Herd is a secure investment process.

For Investors the Thundering Herd business introduction and matching service is a web based platform enabling investors to access investment opportunities in Australian companies and managed investment schemes at various stages of their growth cycle. 

The investment opportunities may be an early stage venture seeking seed capital, a high growth opportunity seeking Series A or B funding, or an established company seeking to expand its operations. Funding may take the form of equity, debt or services.

Offers made to investors may be generally available to all or exclusive in nature.

An investor must login to the Thundering Herd platform before being able to access the information relevant to each respective investment opportunity. Investors are encouraged to obtain further information from the investment opportunity and conduct further enquiries before making an investment decision. Should a potential investor wish to formalise an investment in an investment opportunity on the Thundering Herd platform, they may do so through a secure process facilitated by a professional registry service provider.