Raise Capital on the Thundering Herd platform
Engage directly with potential investors who are seeking to make equity, convertible note or debt funding investments in early stage venture opportunities through to ASX listed businesses seeking growth capital.

For Investment opportunities the Thundering Herd business introduction and matching service is a web based platform enabling unlisted early stage companies through to public companies to access capital at various stages of their growth cycles.

Thundering Herd aims to challenge traditional capital funding models, by offering investment opportunities direct access to potential investors, whilst seeking to provide greater levels of transparency and focus on successful collaborative outcomes. 

An investment opportunity must first register with Thundering Herd through a secure login. Thundering Herd must accept the investment opportunity for admission on the Thundering Herd platform before the investment opportunity is able to upload documentation to the Thundering Herd platform. Investment terms are set by the investment opportunity with share registry services and investment processing facilitated via a secure process managed by a professional share registry service provider. 

All investment opportunities must adhere to pre-determined criteria before being able to make an offering on the Thundering Herd platform, be they an early stage venture seeking seed capital, a high growth opportunity seeking Series A or B funding, or an established company seeking to expand its operations.

Companies have the flexibility to offer their opportunities to the investor base either publicly or exclusively.