Lead, join or pitch to an investment collective
The Platform enables groups of investors such as lead investors, angels, funds and brokers (Collective Leads) to list investment criteria profiles of investments they are seeking to review and invest in. Other investors are able to join the Collective Leads if the investment criteria profile generated by the Collective Lead also meets their criteria (Herd Members).

Collective Investments are facilitated by the Thundering Herd business introduction and matching service which is a web based platform enabling unlisted early stage companies through to pre-IPO public companies to access capital at various stages of their growth cycles through a confidential and filtered introduction service within the Platform.

Companies are able to keep confidential their offers limiting them to specific groups of investors whose investment criteria a company believes it may meet.

The Platform ensures that the Collective Lead’s investment criteria is consistent with the investment before allowing the potential investment to be presented to the Collective Lead and Herd Members. The Platform can also facilitate confidentiality undertakings between the relevant parties if required. 

Thundering Herd aims to provide a confidential process in which groups of like minded investors are able to attract investment opportunities meeting pre-determined investment criteria direct to their investment collectives.  

The Platform also allows Investment opportunities seeking capital, though wanting to maintain confidentiality about their business and offer details, to pitch their opportunities direct to investor groups whose investment criteria they meet.